About Us

HeCheated.org was largely inspired by SheWon.org. SheWon.org is an ever-evolving, ever-growing database of female athletes who have lost medals, podium spots, records, awards, and other athletic accomplishments and opportunities due to male participation in the female athletic division.

While SheWon.org seeks to give these women and girls the recognition they deserve, HeCheated.org seeks to call out these male athletes and expose the damage that they have each caused to women and girls in sports.

On this site, you will find men and boys, males of all ages and competition levels, from high school to masters, amateur to professional.

At each level and in each age category, these male athletes are dominating female sports, setting records, stealing podium spots, medals, award money, positions on national teams, and causing women and girls to be excluded from our own sporting category whether through failure to qualify for limited spots in championship matches, being passed over in team selection for a male athlete, or self-exclusion due to the blatant unfairness and demoralization faced when required to face off against a male opponent.

These male athletes have employed deception, shaming and bullying tactics, threats of lawsuit, and emotional manipulation in order to force their way onto women’s teams and into women’s competitions. Those who have not chosen to lie their way onto women’s teams by concealing their sex have garnered instant mass attention and praise from the media, regardless of their level of competition and regardless of their accomplishments or lack thereof, being featured in news stories, on magazine covers, and as the subjects of documentaries for doing nothing of note aside from joining a women’s team. The majority of these athletes are hailed as “brave” and “revolutionary,” “the first ‘trans woman’ in history to …” The women they compete against do not receive the same praise and attention.

Here you will also find a list of teams who have entered male athletes on their female rosters and in athletic competitions. These male athletes have helped propel these teams to countless victories, up to and including conference, regional, state, national, and world titles.

We believe these teams and athletes should be stripped of any and all accolades and titles they have received while competing in the female division as an individual or as a team with a male athlete on their roster, which constitutes a violation of fairness and integrity of athletic competition.

Further, the use of male athletes has put female athletes on opposing teams and their own at an increased risk of physical harm and sexual harassment, exposing all female athletes to sexual comments and gross violations of privacy in female locker rooms, changing areas, and sleeping arrangements on away trips.

And finally, these teams and athletic leagues have excluded female athletes in their own schools and athletic divisions, allowing males to participate in their stead, giving male athletes playing time while female athletes watch from the bench, reserving spots for male athletes on teams while female athletes are deprived of valuable athletic opportunities and success.

Each of these schools, leagues, and organizations field male or open athletic teams, offering ample opportunity for male athletes to participate and succeed. By taking the few athletic opportunities, scholarships, awards, and monetary prizes offered to female athletes and giving them to male athletes instead, these teams and organizations have exhibited a blatant violation of female rights, and in doing so have shown disregard for the feelings of female competitors and even enforced punishment for any concern female athletes express about the injustice forced upon them, and we consider this a shameful failure on the part of school administrations, athletic clubs, Olympic committees, sporting bodies, and local, state, and federal government officials to protect the well-being, interests, and equal rights of female human beings.

Every team and athletic organization that allows the participation of male individuals on female teams and in female divisions is complicit in the systematic exclusion of female athletes from their own sports in favor of giving more athletic opportunities to males.