A brief history of males in female sport.
**Currently under development. More events coming soon.**


March 22nd, 2016 - United Kingdom

Facing scrutiny over his participation in the women’s division due to multiple national championship victories, male runner Michael “Lauren” Jeska drives over 100 miles from his home to the office of Ralph Knibbs at the British Athletic headquarters. Armed with three knives, he proceeds to stab Knibbs multiple times in the head and neck, also injuring two of his assistants who try to intervene.

"Whatever the technical psychiatric diagnosis, it is clear to us as parents that the assault is only understandable as the consequence of a mental health crisis precipitated by the affair with UK Athletics,"
- Parents of Michael Jeska aka "Lauren"

August 20, 2016 - International

Male athletes Caster Semenya, Francine Niyonsaba, and Margaret Wambui take the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the women’s 800 meter race at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“Everyone can see it’s two separate races so there’s nothing I can do,”
- Lyndsey Sharp, 3rd female finisher at Rio

“This was such an injustice I wanted to speak out, and then I got a call from the Canadian Olympic Committee’s lawyer saying that if I opened my mouth, I would be banned for life in sport.”
- Peter Erikkson, Coach of Melissa Bishop, 1st female finisher at Rio


March 10th, 2017 – United States

6-foot, 44-year old male “Christina” Ginther sues the Minnesota Vixen and the Independent Women's Football League after being denied participation in women’s tackle football due to the safety risks involved on the basis of his being male.

The jury finds that excluding Ginther from a women’s team because he is male violates the Minnesota Human Rights Act, which bars people from refusing to do business with someone else because of their sexual orientation, a case which bears no semblance to the former.

The jury awards Ginther $20,000 in damages. He joins a women's tackle football team.

December 19th, 2017 - Brazil

6'4" male volleyball player Rodrigo "Tifanny" Abreu makes his debut in the Women's Superliga, the highest level of women's volleyball in Brazil, at 33 years of age.


January 30th, 2018 - Brazil

Just over a month after joining the women's division, male volleyball player Rodrigo "Tifanny" Abreu breaks the women's Superliga single game scoring record against an unbeaten team with three Olympic medalists on the roster. Abreu ends the season leading the league in points per set.

“We have applauded the IOC and its policies in favor of fair sports in the past. Now women who have honored these same anti-doping policies for decades, who have been clean in countless tests since the age of 16, have to watch a biological man break their records.”
- Ana Paula Henkel, Brazilian Olympic volleyballer


March 17th, 2022 - United States

Male swimmer William "Lia" Thomas wins the NCAA Division I women's 500 yard freestyle at the national championships. Thomas also ties for 5th in the women's 200 yard freestyle with female athlete Riley Gaines. Event organizers give the fifth place tropy to Thomas, sending one to Gaines later in the mail.

July 31st, 2022 - United States

At the DGPT - Discraft's Great Lakes Open, for the first time in disc golf history, the women’s first place prize money is equal to the men’s. Male disc golfer “Natalie” Ryan wins the women’s prize. Men go home with both first place prizes, women with neither.

September 3rd, 2022 - United Kingdom

52-year-old male rugby player, “Julie-Anne” Curtis, sues the Rugby Football Union for their ban on male athletes in women’s rugby.


January 1st, 2023 - United States

The PDGA’s new policy regarding males in women’s disc golf goes into effect, banning males who have not had their puberty blocked from competition in the female division.

February, 2023 - United States

David Bloch, head coach and founder of the Woodstock Union High School snowboard team in Woodstock, Vermont, is fired from his position after joining a conversation with his students over the topic of males in women's sports and stating that boys have a physical advantage over girls. Bloch later wins a settlement against the school.

February 22nd, 2023 - United States

Male disc golfer “Natalie” Ryan files a lawsuit against the PDGA for what he deems a “discriminatory” practice, the exclusion of males from the female division. The DGPT offers Ryan a spot in the MPO, the men’s open competition, to compete with his male peers on the tour, but he refuses. His lawyer responds that the offer is “insulting.”

“As your client well knows, Natalie would be rated at the very bottom of the field if she (sic) competed in the MPO division.”
- Ryan's Attorney

April 30th, 2023 - United States

Thanks to a large number of donations, for the first time in the Tour de Gila's 35-year history the women's first-place prize is equal to the men's.

Male cyclist Austin Killips wins the fifth and final stage of the tour and becomes the overall tour winner in the women's division. Both the men's and women's 1st-place prizes go to males. Neither prize goes to a female athlete.

May 11th, 2023 - United States

U.S. District Judge Troy L. Nunley grants a temporary restraining order allowing male disc golfer "Natalie" Ryan to compete the OTB Open in Stockton California.

The court notes that the PDGA regulations surrounding males competing in female sport could be ruled as “discriminatory practice.”

May 12th 2023 - United States

The PDGA and DGPT appeal Judge Nunley’s decision, and after playing one round at the OTP Open, male disc golfer “Natalie” Ryan is removed from the women’s competition by order of a federal court.

“The DGPT is removing me from the OTB Open. No matter where they go I will fight them every step of the way. If you thought I was fighting hard before, just wait. They are going to burn with me.”
- “Natalie” Ryan, male disc golfer

October 27th, 2023 - Canada

Female boxer Katia Bissonnette withdraws from the 2023 Provincial Golden Glove Championship in Quebec after learning she would be facing off against male boxer "Mya" Walmsley. She was given no warning by the organizers that her opponent was male. Walmsley wins by default.

“Women shouldn’t have to bear the physical and psychological risks brought by a man’s decisions regarding his personal life and identity,”
- Katia Bissonnette

December 22, 2023 - United States

The PDGA reverses its ruling on the participation of men in women’s disc golf and drops the requirement that males must have suppressed puberty in order to compete. Adult males who have experienced full, healthy development are again allowed in the women’s division, and the PDGA rules that male disc golfer “Natalie” Ryan is eligible to compete in all 2024-2025 women’s tournaments. The PDGA requires men to use estrogen for two years, and the DGPT requires them to undergo penile inversion surgery in order to compete against women.

“The PDGA is not financially or logistically in a position to take the lead in multi-state litigation on this topic. For the first time in recent memory, the PDGA will end the year with a net operating loss, and it is not in the best interest of our members to continue to allocate resources to further litigation”
- The PDGA

"This is my victory. I had to be ruthless to get them to listen. I’m glad I can put that side of myself away. Now, I am hopeful that our sport can start fresh and grow to be a place that truly welcomes and celebrates everyone.”
- male disc golfer “Natalie” Ryan


January 26th, 2024 - United States

Male swimmer William "Lia" Thomas begins legal proceedings against World Aquatics for their updated policy banning males from female swimming events if they have gone through their natural male puberty. Thomas claims discrimination yet has declined to participate in the open category made to accomodate swimmers like himself.

February 8th, 2024 - United States

Collegiate Charter School of Lowell Girls’ Basketball Team is forced to forfeit their match against KIPP Lynn Academy after male basketball player Gabriel "Lazuli" Clark injures three female players before halftime.

February 13th, 2024 - United States

William Bock III, member of the NCAA Committee on Infractions and former general counsel for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency resigns over the NCAA policy of allowing male athletes to compete in female sport.

“Although I may not have agreed with the wisdom of every rule in the NCAA rulebook, I believed the intent behind the NCAA’s rules was competitive fairness and protection of equal opportunities for student-athletes. This conviction has changed as I have watched the NCAA double down on regressive policies which discriminate against female student-athletes.”
- William Bock III

March 23rd, 2024 - The Netherlands

Professional female dart players Anca Zijlstra and Aileen de Graaf quit the Dutch national team over being forced to compete alongside male dart player "Noa-Lynn" van Leuven in the women's divisoin.

"The moment you are ashamed to play for the Dutch Team because a biological man plays for the women's team, it is time to go."
- Anca Zijlstra, female darts player

March 14th, 2024 - United States

16 female athletes file a class action lawsuit against the NCAA for allowing male athletes to compete in the female division and use female locker rooms at events, accusing the NCAA and the Georgia University system of violating the right to bodily privacy, Title IX, and the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

April 16th, 2024 - United States

Judges Toby J. Heytens and Pamela Harris rule male athlete “Becky” Pepper-Jackson should be allowed to continue to compete on his middle school girl’s track team. Pepper-Jackson had filed suit against the State of West Virginia for their law requiring males to participate with male peers in athletics. Pepper-Jackson’s legal team cites the boy’s finishes in last place or “near the back of the pack” (when the suit began and Pepper-Jackson was in 6th grade) in girls’ events as evidence that he should continue to compete with girls.

“To force her (sic) to play on a boys’ team or not play at all would expose [him] to the same risk of unfair competition — and, in some sports, physical danger — from which the defendants claim to be shielding cisgender (sic) girls.”
- Judge Toby J. Heytens, joined by Judge Pamela Harris

April 18th, 2024 - United States

Male athlete "Becky" Pepper-Jackson takes first in both the girls’ discus and shotput at the Harrison County Middle School Championships, continuing an undefeated record in the shotput for the season. His shotput distance beat the last-place boy by over 15 feet and would have placed him 4th in the boys’ division showing no evidence of the “unfair competition” against boys cited by the judges, even if he had used the heavier boy’s weight.

Five female athletes scratch their throws in protest. They are barred from future competition.

April 24th, 2024 - Australia

Netball Australia rejects World Netball's ban on male athletes in female sport and states that they will continue to allow male athletes to displace female athletes in the women's division.

May 5th, 2024 - International

Female darts player Deta Hedman forfeits her quarterfinal match in the women's division of the Denmark Open against male darts player "Noa-Lynn" van Leuven.

"I'm not playing against a man in a women's event"
- Deta Hedman, female darts player

May 10th, 2024 - United States

Female athlete Adaleia Cross steps forward with allegations of sexual harrassment against middle school male athlete "Becky" Pepper-Jackson towards herself and other female teammates. Cross claims that Pepper-Jackson would harrass her in the girl's locker room and at track practice, directing vulgar comments such as "suck my d*ck towards female members of the team.

“B.P.J. made other more explicit sexual statements that felt threatening to me. At times, B.P.J. told me quietly ‘I’m gonna stick my d*ck into your p*ssy.’ And B.P.J. sometimes added ‘and in your ass,’ as well. These comments were disturbing and caused me deep distress.”
- Female athlete Adalia Cross, former teammate of male middle-schooler "Becky" Pepper-Jackson