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Many male athletes hide their sex, lying to their coaches and teammates in order to sneak onto women's teams and into the women's division. As such, their participation remains hidden from the general public and from the officials making decisions on whether their participation is "fair" or not. The dearth of information has led to claims that do not reflect the reality of what is currently happening in women's athletics. "There are only a few." "They don't win anything." "There are no advantages." "They're just like any other girl..."

Much of the information on this site is thanks to the courage of a few individuals willing to speak out and share their experiences with various news outlets and women's organizations or exposing the athlete publicly at the risk of their reputations and athletic careers to address these injustices currently facing women and girls of all ages and ability levels in sport.

If you have information to share on a male athlete in the women's league, no matter how competitive the league or the athlete, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Every championship, every final, every medal, every award, every record, every place, every accomplishment, every minute of playing time that has been stolen, the athletes who have lost these moments cannot get them back, but we can stop this from happening to the female athletes of the future and give women's sports back to the female athletes who belong in them.